2nd thoughts on AeroPress

Yes, I do love the AeroPress…although I had a very tough two months reinventing my technique based on a very tasty and different cup from @nothteapower and I almost gave it up when I run into this interesting post at http://www.bekfreeman.com

I’ve got the post from @zsuzsa_zicho a barista at Workshop Coffee Co., London. And additionally I’ve seen something interesting in this video too:

(good thing at 1:40)

Bek’s idea is based on the brew ratio used for cupping coffee converted for brewing coffee. And I said: why not? I reduced the grams I used before (17 grams) to 12 grams. I had some things developed from before, for example using a longer bloom (50secs). Why it is good to use the cupping ratio? Read the Bek Freeman article. I don’ want to repeat.

Basically what I did was  to build some interesting new information into a frame I had built from my own experiences. My blooming part and pouring worked well but something was missing. I stuck to 17 grams and used a finer grind. Now I gave up the 17 grams, reduced the water amount and I am using a coarser grind as well. These things really came together well with my previous results of blooming, stirring and timing experiences. I do not share my technique here, though. Not because I don’t want people to try it. Just because it will change soon as I just simply cannot stop experimenting. Coffee is sooo good!

Coffees I used for developing: Has Bean Wote Natural, Has Bean Burundi Ngozi, Square Mile Musasa Ruli, Square Mile La Buitrera Huila


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  1. I am so sorry but I don’t speak any German 😦 I’ve tried to google-translate it but it only turned out that you made the AeroPress video! (Nice one, I like it a lot).

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